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Our Probate & Estates Services

Probate & Estates where there is a Will

Where someone dies leaving a Will its contents will state who can apply for Probate and what is to happen to the deceased’s property and possessions.

Estates where there is no Will (Intestacy)

When a person dies without leaving a valid will, their property and possessions (the Estate) must be shared out according to the Intestacy Rules.

Estate Administration

Once an Executor or Administrator has obtained Probate the administration of the deceased person’s Estate can begin.

Post death variations to Wills

It is possible, for tax purposes, to rearrange the way a deceased person’s property and possessions are to be distributed, provided this is done within two years of the death.

Will Trust Administration

Wherever someone holds money or property on behalf of someone a trust will be created.

Will, Probate & Estate Disputes

Have you been left out of a Will? Are you an Executor or Administrator representing an Estate facing a dispute, or perhaps you are a Beneficiary of a Will whose right to an inheritance is being challenged? Eric Robinson Solicitors is here to help.


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