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Our Family Law Solicitors Services


At Eric Robinson Solicitors, we deal with all aspects of divorce and we ensure that divorce proceedings are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Divorce Financial Settlement

Our Family lawyers act for clients from all types of financial background and can deal with any financial or property issue that will arise within divorce proceedings.

Child Arrangement Order

The law says that the welfare of the children in a family must come first during any relationship breakdown. We will work hard to negotiate an arrangement for the children that both parties, and the children themselves, are happy with. This will include where the children should live as well as any other arrangements that are relevant.

Domestic Abuse

If you have suffered domestic violence or abuse you should report the matter to the police, where you can, as soon as possible.


At Eric Robinson Solicitors, we advise and support unmarried couples who are separating, and help them deal with the financial consequences.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

Few marrying couples think about potential consequences for their finances in the event that they subsequently split up.

Separation Agreement Solicitors

A separation agreement is for married or unmarried couples who intend to separate and want a legal document drawn up to confirm arrangements for their finances. They are often entered in to by married couple who do not wish to divorce.

Civil Partnerships

We are experienced in advising and assisting civil partners who are working through a relationship breakdown, can can help them resolve issues about their children or their pre-partnership agreement.

Special Guardianship

A Special Guardianship Order grants parental responsibility to an individual who is not the child’s natural parent. Special Guardianship will last until the child is 18 unless the Order is changed or varied by a court.

Name Change Solicitors

At Eric Robinson Solicitors we can assist with change of name deeds.


Every separation can be complicated, whether couples are married or unmarried and whether or not there are children in the relationship. However, there is a process which can really help you move on relatively quickly, with certainty and with the foundations of a positive ongoing relationship with your former partner. It’s called mediation.

Will Writing Solicitors

Everyone should make a Will. It’s your chance to decide what happens to your money, your property and your personal possessions after you die.


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