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Court of Protection & Deputyship

The Court of Protection is the court which deals with matters relating to adults who lack the mental capability to make specific decisions in their lives.

A person lacks capacity if they are unable to make their own decisions as a result of a mental impairment caused by some form of illness. If this is the case, then the law states that a decision should be made in their ‘best interests’.

Sometimes family members and others close to the person in question might disagree about whether the person they care about can make the decision for themselves, or what would be in their best interests regarding, for example, where they live, what kind of care they need, or their finances. This can be extremely stressful, and if no agreement can be reached then the Court of Protection can either make the decision, or appoint somebody specifically to do so.

The team here at Eric Robinson Solicitors can help you to make an application asking the Court of Protection to make a decision regarding whether somebody has capacity to make a certain decision, to make a decision in their best interests if they do lack capacity, or to appoint you, or one of our specialists, as Deputy so that decisions can be made and taken.