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Why should we train?

Eric Robinson Solicitors were nominated by a panel of legal industry experts for its investment in employee career development and progression.  We were nominated for Best Law Firm at the inaugural National Paralegal Awards 2019.

We were up against some very strong competition and we were finally shortlisted in the top 6 firms in the UK for our investment in Paralegal development.

Historically, Paralegals were viewed by some, as being a heavily experienced assistant however, that is certainly not the case and, we as a Firm recognise the important work our paralegals do.

Judges were impressed by our Develop Me career development programme, which I implemented in February 2017.  The Plan is designed to help employees realise their personal career aspirations.

We ensure that we invest not just money, but also time in understanding our employees’ career plans and mentoring those who are unsure.  If employees consider that there is no clear pathway, or any scope for development, the simple answer is, they will leave the business.

Learning and development for employees cannot be underestimated and a failure to invest in these areas will only result in a disengaged and unproductive workforce.  Look at the effect this will have on your bottom line.

We continually work with our employees to help shape their career, to build additional skills and allow them the requisite training they need.

Learning and development does not just apply to our employees.   I ensure that, as a Senior Manager at the Firm, I work with the Partners and Department Heads to help them develop their training.  The majority of the training I provide is to highlight issues which could affect the Firm, such as equality and diversity, good management and leadership and mental health awareness. 

There are so many businesses, which allow senior managers to work autonomously in the absence of any awareness of risk.

By an employer not providing training and awareness to senior managers leaves the business exposed to potential costly litigation, poor management and leadership, demotivated employees and a limited skill set, which will have a significant impact on turnover and retention.

This quote sums up the importance of ongoing training;

What if we train our people and they leave?

What if we don't and they stay?