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Predictions or a complete change of working …?

It seems that a big thing which is currently trending is predictions on what is going to change in the workplace within the next 12 months.  In the USA, it is predicted that unemployment will continue to decline from 4.3% to 4.2%, with an overall projection of 20.5 million jobs being created by 2020 and the British are following some of the American trends.

Companies are changing the way in which they work, such as;Ensuring employees have a voice

This is something of which I spoke about in my presentation at the AGM in that, without employee voice, engagement, satisfaction and interaction will not exist, which will reduce performance.Up-skilling employees

Whilst the UK is trying to bring manufacturing back to the UK, companies are looking to up-skill their current employees to ensure that they are top heavy on trained employees.Embedding Artificial Intelligence

This is an essential part of workplace progress and success. 

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are forever working on creating smarter AI products.Awareness of financial and mental wellness

More than a quarter of Millennials say that financial stress affects their performance at work, which in turn, affects their mental wellbeing.  Therefore, employers are looking at ways in which to get the right balance between home / work life.


These 4 changes in which we are all starting to embrace is a world away from our parents, or grandparents’ experience of the workplace.

These evolving changes in the workplace could have an effect on each and every one of us but hopefully to our advantage.

Why would the modern employee not want a voice, to learn more skills, use more sophisticated AI and to get the right balance between their work and home life?  Historically, this has not been the case and employees simply fell into the lucky to have a job statement of which employers could rely upon.

A quote by T.S. Eliot sums up the importance of employee voice – “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice”.