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‘No Fault Divorce’ – Time for a change in the Law

Following the recent news about proposed divorce reform, the Family team at Eric Robinson Solicitors are delighted to  hear further details about the reforms today – the biggest change in divorce law in 50 years!

According to David Gauke, Justice Minister,  speaking on behalf of the government, spouses seeking a divorce will no longer need to prove adultery, Unreasonable Behaviour or desertion on the part of their spouse when seeking a divorce. They will also not need to have lived apart for a period of 5 years.

Instead, they will have to state that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. This will remove some of the key obstacles currently faced by couples who recognise that their marriage has come to an end and who do not wish to blame each other. These changes will allow couple to navigate their marriage breakdown in a much more constructive fashion.  As Mr Gauke himself states, “ it cannot be right that our outdated law creates or increases conflict between divorcing couples. So I have listened to calls for reform and firmly believe now is the right time to end this unnecessary blame game for good.”  Having supported Resolution’s campaign for no fault divorce, we are delighted that these proposed new rules introduce no fault divorce.

There is also a proposed provision that parties will be able to submit a divorce application jointly. Watch this space for further developments

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