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Is gossip really just ‘a bit of fun’?

Silence speaks a thousand words – is this true or not?

Sometimes when we are met with a blanket silence, or merely a small nod of the head, without words, this can have more of a dramatic and unspoken meaning to us.

However, the saying is that 'it is good to talk' – but is that aimed at ending silence, speaking a thousand words, or just that we like or we are pushed to talk about everything?

It often amazes the world how expeditiously fact and fiction spreads. We live in a world wherein if something happens at 10pm in America, the whole world will know about it a few minutes later.

Gossip can be infectious, whatever it is about. However, it can be the effect it has on others which is really disturbing.

Unfortunately, it can be very easy to get sucked into gossip, whether it is true or not and by the time the gossip has been reached third hand, it can be completely out of context.

There does not always need to be any substance to gossip; merely an appetite for spreading 'news' or to focus some attention on someone you may not get on with.

Gossip makes the world go around, otherwise some of the media would be out of work!  However, surely it is about finding a balance.

Ask yourself:

Would the gossip hurt that person?

Would you feel hurt if you were in their shoes?

Is it solely gossip, is it unsubstantiated, discriminatory or malicious?

Is there underlining reason why the gossip is being spread – maybe to deflect attention from themselves?

Has this person previous been a target?

Do you know when the line is reached between gossiping and bullying?

Have you ever sat silently and allowed your colleagues to gossip?

REMEMBER: Those who gossip with you, will gossip about you