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Domestic Abuse or Harrassment

There have been two recent cases to hit the news regarding relationship breakdown and difficulties. The first concerned a Hollywood star and his starlet wife and the second concerned a local barrister and his solicitor wife.

Whilst the lifestyles of these two couples differ, the issues were similar. Both concerned allegations of domestic abuse or harassment and both showed the serious implications that such problems can cause within intimate relationships. 

Domestic abuse comes in various shapes and sizes and happens to various people in different situations. The key however is to recognise some warning signs and behaviours as early on as possible. You will then have time to think clearly about your options and seek advice from the various organisations that can offer you assistance.    

Assistance for such issues also comes in different forms. You may not feel ready to take any formal steps however just receiving information should prove helpful. You should also be aware that depending on the circumstances, you may not need to take formal action. You should certainly not feel pressured into doing so before or unless you are ready to do so.

The impact of domestic abuse is wide ranging and you will need to find the right step forward for you and potentially for your children. Depending on the circumstances, the effects of domestic abuse may be relevant within any injunction proceedings, divorce proceedings, financial matters and children matters. It may also allow you to apply for public funding (legal aid) to obtain the advice and assistance that you need.

At Eric Robinson Solicitors we have Resolution accredited specialists who can guide you in the right direction if these issues are personally affecting you. Please consider our Top Ten Tips booklet for initial information and then contact us for further assistance if required.