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Change of Home Secretary

Over the last few weeks, there have been some significant changes released by UK Visas & Immigration in conjunction with the Home Office, following on from the appointment of Sajid Javid, who recently replaced Amber Rudd as Home Secretary. 

The incoming Home Secretary has stated that the whole Immigration system in the UK needs to be revised, and needs to be bought in line, to mirror the Immigration plans that the new Home Secretary and UK Visa’s and Immigration for the future in the UK.  As new updates and policy changes are released by the Home Office, Eric Robinson Solicitors will be providing expert information, that will assist our clients with understanding not only the change of Immigration rules, but will also work to ensure that clients, who are Visa nationals in the UK, remain fully informed of any changes that may affect their status in the UK, and it will be our job at Eric Robinson Solicitors, to ensure that all of our clients remain compliant and will legally be allowed to remain in the UK.