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Structuring your assets in the most tax-efficient way can reduce potential tax liability and help ensure that you make the best provision possible for your loved ones.

What is Estate Planning? 

Estate planning is a plan to manage and distribute someone’s assets and personal affairs to their beneficiaries or next of kin after they unfortunately pass away.

Do I need to plan an Estate? 

It is never too late to plan your Estate and we highly recommend that you do so. By not having a plan in place, it can have a costly effect on your loved ones after you die. 

When can I create one? 

It is recommended to plan your Estate as soon as you become a legal adult at the age of 18.

Do I need any documents to plan my Estate? 

Planning an Estate typically does involve some important documents, these can include – Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Letter of Intent or Wishes and beneficiary designations. However, documents will vary due to the circumstances of the individual.

How much does Estate planning cost?

The cost of Estate planning will vary depending on the individual’s circumstances and needs. Contact Eric Robinson Solicitors for expert help and advice, we are available through our contact us form or by calling your closest office.

We have solicitors offices in Southampton, London (Richmond)WinchesterChandlers Ford and Lymington.

Minimising Inheritance Tax

Our clients have different points of view and priorities when it comes to how they wish to plan and structure their Wills and personal Estate. 

For some, minimising the amount of Inheritance Tax due on their Estate to enable monies to be passed on to their family in an efficient manner is paramount. 

For others, the primary concern is the creation of trusts and the protection of wealth that is scheduled to pass to young or vulnerable family members. 

Equally, where family relationships are complicated, minimising the potential for tension and disagreement in future Estates through the use of lifetime trusts may be of greater importance than tax efficiency.

What can our solicitors do for you?

Estate planning can be complex. Our team can offer expert advice and a service you can trust.

At Eric Robinson Solicitors we recognise that proper Estate and tax planning could mean establishing a clear path for continuing a business enterprise which you have built from scratch or which has been in your family for generations. 

It may also involve the retention of a property or asset that is important to the next generation. Whatever your objectives, we can offer expert legal advice, service and support that will ensure your financial affairs are secured.

Our team of lawyers are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), offering a number of cost effective services from Lasting Powers of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney and Court of Protection matters, to Will Writing and the Administration of Estates and Probate.

Whatever your circumstances, at Eric Robinson you can trust that we will ensure that your Estate is planned in a way that ensures what matters to you most is protected; putting in place the best arrangements to help you achieve your goals.

In our experience, proper Estate planning is crucial where there have been previous family law issues such as divorce or separation from a former partner, or where significant monies have been received as the consequence of such matters as an inheritance, business sale or even a personal injury claim.

Our specialist solicitors can help advise clients on the most tax efficient options going forward- meaning your family’s future is protected after your death. We have 6 offices located throughout Hampshire and Surrey so please call or contact us today whatever your enquiry.

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