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Our Conveyancing Solicitors Services

Residential Property Solicitors

If you're buying and/or selling a property, our team of dedicated specialist lawyers can help make the process as stress-free as possible.

New Build Conveyancing

Our expert team of specialist lawyers offer a bespoke service to clients purchasing new homes to achieve the deadlines implemented by developers.


Remortgaging is the replacement of an existing mortgage with a new one. The existing mortgage is repaid when you complete the transfer to the new remortgage deal.

Transfers of Equity

A Transfer of Equity is where a co-owner transfers their share in a property to another co-owner. The interest can be transferred for a sum of money or it may be as part of an agreement relating to a divorce or separation.

Equity Release Solicitors

Equity release mortgages are a special type of mortgage that are generally not intended to be repaid during your lifetime.

Shared Ownership Solicitors

Shared ownership can be an excellent way to get your foot on the property ladder.

Declaration of Trust

Property Ownership Trusts protect the interests of those who contribute to the cost of purchasing a property.

Commercial Property Solicitors

At Eric Robinson our team of commercial property solicitors have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of commercial property including buying and selling freehold real estate, and acting in relation to new, or existing leases, either from the perspective of the landlord or tenant. The advice and service provided by our specialist commercial property lawyers is clear and practical. This approach helps our commercial clients achieve their aim of developing their businesses quickly and effectively. 

Land Development Solicitors

The Commercial Property team at Eric Robinson Solicitors is experienced in acting for both landowners and developers in connection with potential sales or purchases of land or property for residential or commercial development and use.

Residential Property Dispute Solicitors

It is not uncommon for issues or points of disagreement to arise in respect of residential property

Commercial Property Dispute Solicitors

Most commercial property disputes arise due to one of the parties breaching their obligations.

Neighbour & Boundary Dispute Solicitors

It is not uncommon for issues or points of disagreement to arise between neighbours and in respect of the boundaries that define and separate properties.

Tenant Eviction Solicitors

At Eric Robinson Solicitors we have many years’ experience advising commercial and residential landlords on how to evict their tenants.


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