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Why it really is good to talk in the workplace?

I am going to talk about a subject, which some people find very taboo, or feel that it should not be openly discussed.

However, that is just plain wrong.  Two little words but have such a big meaning; Mental Health.

1 in 4 people, across the world, suffer from a mental health illness. 

This is extremely concerning.

Mental health can range from worries we all experience, in day to day life, to serious long-term conditions.  It can affect everything we do from everyday tasks, leisure time and our careers.

Startling, in 2016 / 2017, 526,000 workers were suffering issues with their mental health through work-related stress, depression, or anxiety; with workload being the highest at 44%.

This particular statistic cannot be ignored.

Therefore, the importance of having regular contact with your Line Manager is imperative, so that the following can be discussed openly;Your current workload;Any issues, or concerns you have about any aspect of your role, or responsibilities;Your work / life balance; andFeedback from you to your Line Manager on how you are coping.


I would encourage you all to speak to your employer if you do feel concerned over anything.