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Is a lawyer necessary?

Unfortunately, dealing with a legal matter is not always through choice. Sometimes it is a necessity. It is now common for people involved in any legal dispute to deal with matters themselves, including attending court hearings. These people are known as Litigant’s In Person (‘LIP’). Whilst there is nothing stopping you dealing with legal matters yourself, what you must remember though is that lawyers do not go through years of training and studying for no reason!

Whilst the government is recognising the rise in LIP’s and is doing all they can to provide advice and assistance, the law is complicated and if it not understood properly you may run into problems now or in the future.

In the unfortunate event of a marriage breakdown for example, the common thing to do nowadays is to google the answers, or maybe try a ‘DIY’ divorce and share out the assets with little thought. What happens if several years down the line your former spouse decides that they wish to make a financial claim against you?  This is entirely possible if financial claims were not closed at the time of the divorce, but not necessarily something you would know by completing an online divorce.

Another example is perhaps you are nearing retirement age and you deal with the divorce yourself, split everything up forgetting about pensions. You then find that you cannot retire as you have no financial provision – your spouse on the other hand has retired and is using the pension they accrued during the marriage to fund a lovely lifestyle somewhere in the Caribbean. It may have been that at the time of separation you would have been entitled to some of your spouse’s pension.

Due to each family lifestyle being so different, obtaining the correct information from the web is unlikely. Our job as lawyers is not to just look at the here and now but also look at the future. We ensure you are provided for as best as can be and that the outcome is one of fairness. We can further advise you on how best to avoid future claims being made against you or how to ensure claims remain open if there is a need to do so.

At Eric Robinson we understand that money does not grow on trees and we accordingly try our best to tailor our fees in a way that best suits you. We offer a wide range of fixed fee packages, a free advice membership service, clear fee estimates, and payment plans.

If you are unclear on family law and the impact of a relationship breakdown or children matter please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the fee packages with you. You do not have to deal with this alone. We understand how daunting this can be especially when there are so many options and paths however, we can guide you down the right one.