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Headlines relating to divorce can be misleading

Take for example, the recent news about Ant McPartlin.

Today it has been reported that he has been granted a divorce. However, when you actually read the article, it turns out that it is the Decree Nisi,  the first order in the Divorce Process, that has been pronounced.  This means that a Judge has previously established that that order can be made. For the divorce to be final, the Decree Absolute has to be pronounced.

My main frustration with how divorces involving celebrities tend to be reported is that there is often reference to statements like “granted a divorce in under 30 seconds” or quickie divorce.  This gives the impression that there is some form of fast track system when there is not and that a divorce can be quicker than it actually is.  Whilst there are strategies that can be employed to prevent unnecessary delays, there is one process for all.  Here at Eric Robinson, we can advise you on your options when it comes to separation and divorce.

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