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Effective Co-Parenting after a Separation is Key

This isn’t always easy. But whilst the nature of the parents’ relationship has changed, they should always seek to maintain a united front for the benefit of the child. 

It is so important that parents communicate with each other at all times in respect of issues concerning their child or children. Yet recent statistics suggest that a third of separating families use the courts to resolve disputes about the arrangements for their children, and the numbers of cases in the Family Courts are increasing each year.

At a recent conference, involving over a hundred professionals from family justice, health and social care backgrounds, it was suggested that agencies from across all sectors need to place a greater emphasis on co-parenting and find ways to support parents effectively.

There are already resources out there to help; please see links below:

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Cafcass Separated Parents Information Programme

Why reducing parental conflict matters for the NHS

Effective co-parenting is key.  If you are experiencing these issues, or have questions on this issue, Eric Robinson Solicitors can help. Please contact any one of our family law experts for further information.