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Do you really protect your own data?

This month is the focus on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which come into force on 25 May 2018.  This is a huge change of legislation on how people handle data.

Albeit, such a serious subject of which we will all have to acknowledge and work more observantly, I was amazed when I watched a video clip of how easy it can be for people to unwittingly reveal personal data about themselves

One clip was of a reporter, who was conducting a consumer feedback questionnaire on the use of social media.  She asked a man she was interviewing whether the passwords he uses are secure. 

The man replied that he had gone to great length to ensure that his password was strong and, as he believed, unbreakable.

The reporter confirmed that, she was pleased that he was doing everything he could to protect himself.  Very proudly, he admitted that no-one would guess his password, as it was his late dog’s name and the dog’s age when he had died.

Wonderful stated the reporter and then went onto ask about his hobbies when he wasn’t on social media.  The man replied Oh, I enjoy walking in the countryside and travelling but I really miss my dog Burt, who was only 5 when he died

Enough said…!