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Cost v Service

Can we put a cost on Customer Service?

Upon looking at service feedback from clients, can we put a cost on customer service and would be swap excellent client service v low cost?

Ask me when I was 20 and the answer would be cost.  Ask me now at…let us just say older than 20, I would always say service.

I think when we are young, we are looking for the cheapest and cheerful deal we can get, as this has to fit in with our lifestyle and pocket at that age! 

However, service is so important to me now that I would choose a provider based solely on service if the pocket allowed! 

For example, when I went to my mobile phone provider looking for an upgrade on my mobile, the service I received was fantastic.

The service received by the salesperson was exemplary due to her being;Very knowledgeable about her company’s products;Took the time to understand my needs and what would suit me personally;Made the procedure very streamlined and user friendly;She gave me the only customer experience; andEnsured that I would recommend and refer to others.


For something I was putting off doing, actually became a nice experience in that I felt that I had received really good service and that I was valued as an important customer.

You cannot put a price on that kind of customer service.

Would you put cost in front of level of service?