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Standing up for Grandparents’ rights

A legal team specialising in family law is delighted to have been included in the only organisation that offers advice, guidance and support to grandparents in the UK.

Eric Robinson Solicitors is proud to announce its association with ‘Grandparents Plus’, a national charity which provides advice and information to grandparents in all kinds of situations, whether they are taking care of their grandchildren or struggling to see them. 

‘Losing touch with a grandchild, or not having regular contact because of a breakdown in familial relationships, can be heart-breaking,’ says Samantha Collins, a member of Eric Robinson Solicitors’ family team who has years of experience representing grandparents. ‘It is important that grandparents are aware that they do have legal rights.’

‘Personally, I try every possible way for clients to resolve issues through effective communication and discussion, but I would be foolish to ignore the noticeable increase in court applications over the past few years from grandparents who are desperate to re-establish contact with their grandchildren. That is why we have decided to engage with the great support offered by Grandparents Plus.’

Eric Robinson Solicitors is now one of around sixty law firms across the country included on Grandparent Plus’ ‘Lawyers List’ which offer professional advice for grandparents wanting to know where they stand legally on issues surrounding care and access to their relatives.

For more information on the rights of grandparents, visit or call Samantha on 01962 790553 or any of any family experts at any of our offices.