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Croatian Worker Restrictions Lifted from 30th June 2018

“The current work authorisation requirements for Croatian workers in the UK will be lifted on 30th June 2018.


When Croatia joined the EU in 2013, the UK and other member states were able to place restrictions on labour market access for Croatian nationals for five years, with the option to extend for a final two years if there was clear evidence that removing the controls would lead to a ‘serious labour market disturbance’.

The restrictions have meant that, unless exempt, Croatian nationals needed permission to work in the UK. Lifting the restrictions means that Croatians will be permitted to seek and obtain employment in the UK in the same way as other EU nationals.

A Written Ministerial Statement published on 19th March 2018 states that “there is insufficient evidence to satisfy the test of ‘serious labour market disturbance’ that is required to extend the restrictions.”

There are only three remaining member states (Austria, Slovenia and the Netherlands) which also currently impose transitional restrictions on Croatians, and which will need to consider the case for extending these before July.

Advice for clients

UK employers and Croatian nationals seeking work in the UK should contact their immigration specialist if they are in any doubt how the changes might affect them after 30th June 2018.