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Neighbour and Property Disputes

It’s not uncommon for people to clash over property rights.

You may disagree with your neighbour about the use of a common access way, the position of the boundary between your properties, or who is entitled to park where. Perhaps you are the joint owner of a property and are in dispute about your interest or shares in it. You may have tried to resolve the problem informally, but that hasn’t worked. Or you may just want to know your legal position before approaching the other party.

At Eric Robinson Solicitors we have many years’ experience of helping clients resolve their property issues. Every dispute has the potential to become protracted and expensive. Involving us at an early stage could help bring yours to an end quickly and amicably.

We offer a fixed fee advice hour for £125 plus VAT where we can examine any title deeds, plans or documents and advise you on your position. At the end of that meeting you will have a better understanding of where you stand and what your options are.

We can advise on:

  • rights of way
  • boundary disputes
  • access to neighbouring land
  • party wall issues
  • adverse possession (‘squatters rights’) claims
  • parking disputes and blocked access disputes
  • disputes between joint property owners and those claiming an interest in the property

Fixed Fees for Neighbour and Property Disputes:

Advice Hour meeting £125 plus VAT (£150)
Letter of claim/Letter of response to opponent or their Solicitor£295 plus VAT (£354)


Property Disputes

Craig Petrie from Eric Robinson's dispute resolution team takes you through possible issues which may arise in relation to property and how to address and resolve them.


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