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Builder disputes

It is important to get advice at an early stage if you find yourself in the unfortunate position where work has not been carried out properly during a building project by your builder, contractor, or other tradesman.

The dispute resolution team at Eric Robinson Solicitors have experience with building dispute claims.

If you would like to proceed with a claim, it is important to obtain an expert report at an early stage of the case before any remedial work has been carried out. We know various experts that we can instruct on your behalf to assess and provide reports on the quality of the works.

Building disputes commonly require a breach of contract claim against your builder either under the specific terms of your contract with them, or with reference to the breach of your statutory rights under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.  Such claims can concern issues with the quality of the work to more serious matters such as structural damage being caused to your property, examples include:

  • Defective double glazing and conservatories
  • Issues concern the design element of the project
  • Flawed patios and driveways
  • Problems with tradesmen including builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters
  • Self build or renovation disputes
  • Structural problems caused by defective workmanship

We also have experience dealing with claims against builders who have been paid for the works upfront but then walk off the project before it is complete.

Fixed Fees for Builder Disputes:

Advice Hour meeting £125 plus VAT (£150)

Letter of claim/Letter of response to opponent or their Solicitor £295 plus VAT (£354)