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Financial & Regulatory Crime

Not all prosecutions are brought by the Crown Prosecution Service.  Companies, businesses and individuals can be prosecuted by many different authorities including HM Revenue & Customs, local authorities and government departments or by bodies created by them. The financial penalties can be very high and, in some cases, there may even be a risk of imprisonment.  

The Eric Robinson Solicitors Criminal Law team has extensive experience of dealing with prosecutions from offences relating to pollution and littering, to fisheries, food hygiene and others relating to hotels and restaurants. We also act in cases involving the employment of illegal immigrants, trading standards, property misdescriptions, Companies Act offending, VAT and other tax offending, the care and safety of animals (prosecutions brought by the RSPCA) health and safety offending, planning and other enforcement notices, and benefit fraud.  This list is not exhaustive. If you are facing prosecution by any public or private body, whether the Crown Prosecution Service or otherwise, we will probably be able to help. 

We have experts and are specialists in many wide and varied areas, please call the team for a free and confidential discussion if you are being investigated for any type of Financial Crime, for example:

  • Cartel & Price fixing offences; these are often complex matters that require care handling of the most sensitive nature
  • Regulatory offences; we have dedicated specialists in this field for both criminal and civil proceedings, from investigation stages right the way through to Court proceedings
  • VAT Appeals; if you have a dispute with HMRC we can help, we can liaise with and make representations on your behalf, we can represent you and make submissions on your behalf and conduct Appeals for you if required
  • Trading Standards; we have a vast experience in dealing with trading standards matters, not only at the investigation stage but at every level
  • POCA & Confiscation Proceedings; We have dealt with many of these type of cases, ranging from initial proceedings & High Court Restraining orders to variation orders and subsequent enforcement proceedings.


We will try and secure legal aid for you, but this is sometimes difficult because many offences are punishable only by fine (albeit a substantial fine) and are not imprisonable. Those cases may not merit the grant of legal aid, as determined by statutory criteria, nor is Legal Aid available to a company or business; only to an individual.  

If you are not eligible for legal aid, either because of merit or your means, we will talk you through the cost of having us advise and represent you. We are often able to agree a fixed fee for our work in advance.