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The Corporate solicitors at Eric Robinson make the complexities of business law and practice make sense.

Our advice is clear and practical, and our support helps our business clients achieve their aims, developing their businesses as effectively and quickly as possible. Here’s how we could help you. Our Corporate Solicitors are happy to see clients at any of our offices.

Buying or Selling a Company or Business

If you are at an early stage, we can help you make the right decision about buying or selling a business by advising you on the process involved and the issues to be aware of. For example, if premises are involved, you will need to know about planning use and any lease implications.

We’ll help you carry out due diligence to establish the financial position of the business you’re looking to buy, and we’ll advise you on any issues around employment law and licensing.

Setting up and restructuring companies

It may be that continuing to operate as a sole trader is the most efficient way of running your business. We’ll advise you on this, in the context of your other options. Limited company, or limited liability partnership, status can have advantages but suitability really does come down to your own circumstances. We’ll talk you through all of this, and we’ll deal with the formalities of up setting your business structure.

Negotiating and drafting commercial contracts

We deal with a range of contracts from basic sale of goods to complex share purchase agreements. We will rigorously negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the terms are favourable to you and, if the other party will not compromise, we’ll ensure that you are fully aware of the risks which may be involved.

Shareholder agreements

A legally enforceable agreement between shareholders and their company can help avoid expensive, commercially damaging disputes. Agreements can deal with matters like the organisational structure of the company, decision-making and arrangements for compelling the sale or purchase of shares between the shareholders. We can help in negotiating these agreements and ensure that the final document reflects your strategic requirements.

Franchise agreements

These are often complex and onerous agreements. We’ll help you understand the terms and to decide whether or not to take the franchise on. We also help clients buy or sell a business which is part of a franchise.

There are various risks associated with these agreements and it’s critical that business clients – franchisor or franchisee - get our advice before entering into them. With our help, any agreement can properly protect their interests, whether this is ensuring that the franchisee will comply with their obligations, or that the deal is financially viable for the client taking the franchise on.

Partnership agreements

If you are currently operating your business as a partnership or thinking about starting one, you really ought to have a partnership agreement. This will set out the respective rights and responsibilities of the partners and will almost certainly help to settle business conflicts when they arise. Without a partnership agreement, disputes may have to be resolved under the Partnership Act 1890. This piece of legislation has been around for quite some time and so may not offer the most practical or relevant solution for your business.

Advice to directors on personal guarantees required by banks

No director should give a personal guarantee without first getting legal advice on the potential consequences. Once this sort of guarantee is given, that director is then personally liable for the debts and liabilities of the company; the limited liability status that comes with incorporating a business cannot change that. The consequences could be disastrous if you sign up to a personal guarantee without fully understanding and accepting the risks involved.

Corporate finance work

We act for many financial institutions on all aspects of Corporate banking and finance matters. These include the major banks, corporate borrowers and non-bank lenders. Our specialist team will draft facility, guarantee security and inter-creditor documentation. We can also give advice with regards to maintenance of share capital and offer independent advice to guarantors.

Management buy-outs and buy-ins

Management buy-outs or buy-ins are unique due to the particular conditions of the deal and the parties involved.We can guide you through the process and assist whether you are looking to acquire a business or sell your interest in a company.

We can provide employment advice in relation to the transaction by calling on the expertise of our specialist corporate solicitors. We are experienced in giving guidance on management conflicts of interest and assistance with regards to Corporate Finance and funding the transaction, and providing warranties to financiers. Our corporate solicitors have expertise in drafting Sale and Purchase Agreements and the Articles of Association for the newly formed business. We will also advise on Directors’ Interests in relation to the Companies Act and revise the Shareholders’ Agreements.

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