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Separating? Positive Action: Parenting Agreement

Right, so you’ve decided separation is the way forward and you now want to deal with living arrangements for the children, how do you achieve this?

Separation is a difficult time for you and your former partner but it is particularly painful for children. Children need love, support, stability and good relationships with both parents and any conflict between you hurts them.  Remember your children are totally dependant on you to make the right decisions for them. 

We can help you enter into a Parenting Agreement which is a written agreement between parents setting out how parents are going to manage the care of the children and how the parents will both exercise the shared parental responsibility. The agreement can cover anything you feel is important such as setting out parenting time arrangements, how holidays are dealt with together with any special occasions, the children's education, rules about meeting new partners and passports etc. This document is tailored to your requirements.

You may wish to visit the CAFCASS website, which is a useful site for children and adults to obtain more information on the various ways to resolve disputes over arrangements for children. You should also have a look at the CAFCASS Parenting plan.  

If you would like further advice on separation and parenting agreements then please contact the Eric Robinson Family Team.