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Is Reform For Cohabiting Couples On The Cards?

A bill is currently passing through the House of Commons which if implemented would mean that cohabiting couples could receive the same financial benefits as married couples, provided they enter into a civil partnership.

At present civil partnerships can only be entered into by same sex couples. The proposed change would allow opposite sex couples to also enter into a civil partnership. This would offer them the same financial benefits as married couples.

A lot of people still believe that a common law marriage gives them financial rights and a level of security, either if their partner dies, or if they separate. This is not the case and no such law exists. This means that it is vitally important that the approximate 3.3 million people who cohabit, invest in relationship planning to address these important issues.

Our family team at Eric Robinson Solicitors can offer you expert advice regarding these matters. We can also assist you in drafting Cohabitation Agreements or Separation Agreements, depending on your needs and circumstances, to allow you to successfully manage your personal life. We offer tailored fees for your tailored needs, either on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis.

If we can assist you, please contact a member of the family team, available at each of our offices, for further information.