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At Eric Robinson Solicitors we have significant experience dealing with all types of fraud and its related matters.

We have conducted many serious and complex fraud cases and we specialise in (but are not limited too) the following types of matters:

  • Mortgage Fraud: acting for clients who are accused as well as solicitors or financial advisors who may also be implicated in such offences.
  • Insurance Fraud: including scams to defraud insurance companies, from minor claims to multi million pound conspiracies.
  • Investment Fraud: representing clients alleged to have defrauded members of the public to those accused of large scale company offences.
  • VAT Fraud: a common area for those alleged to have avoided VAT.  
  • Carousel Fraud: where traders are alleged to have gone missing often owing large amounts of tax.
  • Boiler Room Fraud: involving the sale of share and fund investments, often these involve large amounts of money and a complex paper trail.
  • Land Banking Fraud: offering small or large plots of land for investment often indicating planning permission has been granted when it hasn’t.
  • Computer & Internet fraud: these can be many and varied.