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AI or not AI – that is the question?

In the spotlight this month is discussions on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and whether we are hiding from this reality.

There is always an air of scepticism and suspicion on whether AI could steal our jobs, could become 'rogue' and not understand what is required and could wipe out the 'human touch' in a role.

It is certainly an issue troubling the greatest minds in the world currently, such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk, who described AI as our 'biggest existential threat'.

If we look at what we have currently, such as cars which park themselves, millions of Apps, home appliances which can do everything, special effects and medical intervention and research, we have so much AI in place and the majority of it is great. However, do we only regard this as 'great' if it helps make our lives easier?

New research shows that AI Assistants will give British workers over 2 working weeks back every year by 2030 in admin tasks, which can be done via AI. This would then allow those basic admin tasks, which can be never-ending to enable us to concentrate on more complex and in-depth work.r
Personally, I cannot think of anyone who would not want to pass over laborious admin tasks?

I think it is only natural to be concerned that, in time, a robot will be able to do the role of a human however, can that robot really attribute the personal qualities a person can? Yes, we can get in a car and ask for it to parallel park without assistance from us however, what would happen if we hit something. Would we simply explain that it was not our fault and instead the wonders of AI?

Could AI deal with a complaint from a client, or ensure that we continue building relationships and goodwill with our repeat business. We should look at it from the point of view that AI will be there to help and make our lives easier, together with ensuring something is more speedily – not to take over our lives.

However, I do wonder whether the future of more technical and expertise AI is somewhat influenced by us in that our expectations are considerably high in that we expect everything to be done quickly and normally at a touch of a button.

How many times have you cursed because you have lost your mobile connection, or your Broadband is not quick enough, or your takeaway has taken more than 10 minutes to arrive? It does make you wonder whether we want AI to be more sophisticated than it is and we want it now.

AI progression aside, I still cannot stand the self-service tills, at supermarkets, which are supposed to be there for speed and efficiency however, I always end up with the red light flashing and a voice stating that I should 'seek assistance'…from a human!